The great taste of water at home

Wellness can also be the result of a simple gesture carried out several times a day, like drinking a glass of water. Drinking the water at home is highly convenient, it is always at your fingertips, and all you have to do is open the tap. LAICA filtering jugs improve the taste and quality of tap water, while in no way altering its safety, in an easy and convenient way.

Table Top Water Filter Jug

Laica's prestigious flagship series that combines high technology, luxury materials, and elegance.

Stream Line Water Filter Jug

The colorful and cheerful LAICA filter jug to fill together with your children, to teach them to recognize the natural taste of purity from a...

Water Filter Jug + MG2+ cartridge Pack of 12

LAICA's Table Top Line Collection - prestigious flagship series that combines high technology, luxury materials and elegance.

bi-flux® Magnesiumactive

Laica developed a new advanced formula specially designed for sporty people who care about their health

bi-flux® Magnesiumactive
Filter Cartridge

The highest quality

The exclusive Magnesiumactive formula of LAICA filters increases the magnesium concentration naturally present in water, reducing unwanted substances including certain heavy metals*. It also reduces chlorine and chlorine derivatives, such as trihalomethanes, some pesticides and some herbicides, if present in tap water.

The Company

LAICA is committed to offering functional products that support your everyday life

the environment

LAICA adopts daily behaviours that are both environmentally friendly and sustainable for our planet. From each product’s design phase, preference is given to choices that take greater account of reasonable use of resources and respect for nature.

social responsibility

LAICA believes in ethical companies that balance their profit-related needs with those of the environment and mankind. LAICA has chosen to actively engage in corporate responsibility and is involved in various social projects, especially for children.

Rise Against Hunger

LAICA employees become volunteers for a day to package together the ingredients for thousands of meals in just a few hours, earmarked for the schools of countries embroiled in a serious humanitarian crisis.

This is why we do what we do

This is why we do
what we do

This is how much PLASTIC BOTTLES
we SAVED thanks to you!*

*The use of cartridges replaces 100 plastic bottles each month.