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LAICA is committed to offering functional products that support your everyday life at home with the people we love

LAICA is located in northern Italy. The company was founded in 1974 and markets consumer products in the fields of filtration, personal care and health. The company’s success is based on its dedication to high quality and safe and stylish products, with the aim of helping to improve customers’ lives. LAICA has been in the field of water filtration for over 20 years. The vast experience and knowledge she has gained over time has enabled her to become a leading company specializing in the use of energy at her disposal for the development of a growing market.

The company’s success also stems from the constant expansion of product series, the quality of which is certified by the most important international authorities such as LGA, TUV, and others. The quality of all our products is checked by independent institutions. The company’s products are patented at the national and international levels.

Made in Italy and Italian design

LAICA products are characterized by the high quality of their raw materials and production process, and by attention to detail and creative designs and shapes, as with the best Italian manufacturing traditions. To this end, the R&D center, Quality and Design offices, the CAD Engineering office, and the production of filter jugs and cartridges are all located in Vicenza.