bi-flux® Magnesiumactive Filter Cartridge

An innovative formulation that increases the magnesium concentration naturally present in water.

Facts about drinking water

The mineral composition of water in terms of magnesium and its contribution to magnesium intake.

Source: WHO Library Cataloguing-in-Publication Data; Calcium and magnesium in drinking-water: public health significance.

laica magnesiumactivetm formula

Laica developed a new advanced formula specially designed for sporty people who care about their health.

The exclusive Magnesiumactive formula of LAICA filters increases the magnesium concentration naturally present in water, reducing unwanted substances including certain heavy metals*. It also reduces chlorine and chlorine derivatives, such as trihalomethanes, some pesticides, and some herbicides, if present in tap water.

*If present in tap water.
** The calcium and magnesium elements naturally present in water do not undergo any substantial changes during filtering. The overall average hardness of the filtered water during the entire life cycle of the mineral balance cartridge does not undergo a significant change with regard to the hardness of the water prior to filtering.
(Tests conducted by Accredited Laboratories).

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The exclusive
patented LAICA filter

The LAICA filter jugs use the exclusive bi-flux® patented filter system.

The bi-flux® LAICA cartridge filters tap drinking water, improving its taste and reducing certain unwanted substances that may be present. All LAICA cartridges are made in Italy and consist of silver-plated active carbon and ion exchange resins. Active carbons are effective in reducing chlorine and derivatives. Ion exchange resins are effective in reducing heavy metals if present in tap water.

laica magnesiumactivetm formula

Laica MAGNESIUMACTIVETM is for health-conscious and educated people, with an active life style, looking to improve the quality of tap water while always caring for water suitable for their sporty lifestyle.

Regular consumption of magnesium-rich mineral water could make a valuable contribution to magnesium requirements.*

*Source: WHO Library Cataloguing – in – Publication Data

A new advanced formula

Laica MAGNESIUMACTIVETM cartridge performances

The exclusive magnesiumactiveTM formula in Laica filters not only reduces undesired substances in drinking water but also increases the concentration of magnesium naturally present in the water, improving its supply to the human body.

Laica is effective in the reduction of undesirable substances while increasing the magnesium naturally present in the water.

Laboratory tests* show this effectiveness reduction:

*Tested by notified laboratories.

Laica MAGNESIUMACTIVETM formula key benefits:

Increases the magnesium naturally present in water

Keeps the pH of the water balanced for a pleasant taste


Thorough quality controls from the raw material to the finished product

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*The use of cartridges replaces 100 plastic bottles each month.